RV Solar Panels

Solar Energy Power For Your RV

RV Solar Panel Calculator

Step 1 – Calculate your RV electrical power requirements

12V Appliances


x Quantity

x Hrs. run/day

=Total amps/day

10 watt lights 0.8
15 watt lights 1
Water pump 4
12 volt TV 3
Automatic Fan 2
Furnace 8
12 Volt Stereo 0.8
Propane Alarm (usually 24hrs/ day) 0.21 1 24 5

120 VAC Appliances – Using DC to AC Inverters

TV 4
DVD Player 3
Satellite 4
Microwave (average 0.15 day) 100
Toaster 65
Coffee Maker 60
Blender 12
Laptop 5
Coffeemaker (average 0.15 day) 50
Blender (average 0.15 day) 12
Toaster (average 0.15 day) 60
Vacuum (average 0.15 day) 35
Curling Iron (average 0.15 day) 3
Blow Dryer (average 0.15 day) 125
Total amp hours per day

Step 2
– Calculate your total weekly amps

Multiply total amps hours per day by the number of days per week (i.e. weekend camping: multiply
total amp hours x 2 days, full-time camping: multiply total amps per day x 7 days).
_____________ amps per x ______________# of days of use per week = ________________ total amps

Step 3 – Find the perfect solar panels for your RV

Estimated Weekly Output

RV Solar Panels

112 Amps 60 Watt RV Solar Panel Kit
149 Amps 80 Watt RV Solar Panel Kit
200 Amps 123 Watt RV Solar Panel Kit
260 Amps 160 Watt RV Solar Panel Kit
400 Amps 246 Watt RV Solar Panel Kit

Rates are based on a 12V system with 4 hour charging times. Actual charging times will vary depending
on time of year, angle of the sun relative to the RV solar panel and, of course, weather conditions.

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