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How To Figure Out the Amp Output Of Any Type Of RV Solar Panels

Solar Panels are great technology but for RV owners they can be a bit confusing.

The problem has to do with the terms Watts and Amps.

RV solar panels are generally rated in Watts while the electrical appliances they power are rated in Amps. So how can you as an RV owner know which is the right wattage solar panel for your RV?

There two simple ways to figure it out.

  1. Use the “Rule of Thumb” method
    It takes about a 15 watt solar panel exposed in bright sunlight for one hour to produce 1 (one) amp of power. So if you have a 80 watt solar panel it will create 80/15=5.33 Amps per hour in direct sunlight.
  2. Use the Amp rating on the solar panel itself
    Many high efficiency solar panels have their amp ratings listed on them. Basically that rating means how many amps that panel can create in one hour of direct sunlight. For example, the SHARP polycrystalline 123-watt RV solar panel kit has a rating of 7.16 amps. That means in 4 hours it can produce 28.64 amps which then gets stored into your batteries.

So when it comes determining the wattage of solar panels you need for your RV, the first step is figuring out how many amps of electrical power you usually consume in a day. The easiest way to do that is to use our handy RV Solar Panel Calculator as a guide. Once you have that figure, it’s really easy to know what size of solar panels your RV needs.


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