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RV Electrical Systems: A Basic Guide to Troubleshooting, Repairing and Improvement

Rv Electrical Systems Basic Guide

For RVers who remain mystified by their RV’s electrical systems–120-volt alternating current (AC) and 12-volt direct current (DC)–this book is a godsend. It provides a better understanding of what electricity is and what it does.

This problem-solving reference answers questions such as: “Why do interior lights dim or burn out rapidly?” and, “Why won’t the batteries recharge after a night without electricity?” It tells you how to repair and improve electrical systems; how to troubleshoot faulty brakes, taillights, and “house” circuits; how to detect dangerous shorts, faulty grounds, inadequate connections, malfunctioning switches, dead battery cells, or current leakage; and much more.

This book could save your vacation, or even your life.

All you need to know about RV electricity, including:

  • How to safely use a campground hookup.
  • How to increase battery charging efficiency.
  • How to take the pulse of your AC and DC electrical systems.
  • How to recognize and correct dangerous wiring practices.
  • How to troubleshoot electrical problems of all types.
  • How to upgrade your RV from fuses to circuit breakers.
  • How to calculate your electrical needs and upgrade your system to meet them.
  • How to select the most effective components–batteries, alternator, regulator, coverter, charger, generator, solar panels.
  • How to recognize phantom electrical loads that can drain your batteries.

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